Medicare Authenticated Experience

The goals for the Medicare Authenticated Experience (MAX) project are to provide Medicare beneficiaries with a single, secure, seamless, and personalized digital experience. Through MAX, each Medicare beneficiary will have access to tailored information and self-service tools to confidently make informed decisions that improve their healthcare choices and health outcomes.

Project details

UI Design

User Research


the challenge

Medicare Authenticated Experience

This is my current project and is in process - as such, I can't show much of my current work, but am happy to discuss where we are and how we got there!

A few high-level project details:

  • The authenticated (logged in) account for Medicare users was the focus the project
  • There are roughly 13.5 million active account holders (of the 44 million seniors using Medicare)
  • Utilizing the agile development process, working in two week sprints
  • The team consisted of: Dev Ops engineers, front-end devs, project managers, product owners, delivery manager, multiple teams of CMS stakeholders, Design team (UX and content) and data scientists.

The UX design process

Working with our stakeholder partners at CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) we created this process in order to best align our work efforts on a team wide level.